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High Cube Containers

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20ft High Cube

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20ft High Cube Double Door

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40ft High Cube Open Side


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40ft High Cube

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40ft High Cube Double Door

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45ft High Cube Pallet Wide

High cube containers at VP containers

At VP Containers we offer a wide range of High Cube containers, available in sizes of 20ft, 40ft and 45ft. These containers offer extra height for transporting and storing taller goods, making them an ideal choice for various transportation and storage needs.

Why choose a high cube container?

High Cube containers are perfect for transporting large quantities of goods thanks to their extra height. With about 30 cm more than standard containers, they offer more space and flexibility for loading large or bulky items.

Available sizes:

20ft High Cube Container: A compact option that is excellent for confined spaces.

40ft High Cube Container: The standard choice for international shipping and large-scale storage.

45ft High Cube Container: For maximum volume and capacity, ideal for large projects and transportation.

Features of our high cube containers:

Our high cube containers have several features, the most common features are described below:

  • Extra Height: Approximately 30 inches higher than standard containers for more storage space.
  • ISO certified: meets all international standards for quality and safety.
  • CSC approved: Guaranteed safe for all types of transportation.
  • Made of Corten steel: Durable and resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Wooden floor: For stability and safety of your goods during transport.
  • Security options: Includes lockbox and forklift pockets for added security and ease of handling.
  • Various color options: Available in various RAL colors to meet your aesthetic needs.

Our services:

In addition to the standard services at VP containers, we also offer a number of other services:

  • Buy a High Cube Container: Choose from new or used 40 ft High Cube containers buy available for immediate purchase.
  • Flexible Buying Options: In addition to direct sales, we offer rentals to suit your project duration and budget.
  • Delivery Through The Netherlands and Belgium: No matter where your project is located, we provide fast and reliable delivery.
  • At VP Containers, we understand that our customers' needs are diverse. Take contact with us to discuss how our High Cube containers can solve your logistics and storage challenges.