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Delivery throughout the Netherlands & Belgium

VP Containers is at your service 24/7

The brain

Meet our founder and CEO: Ronald van Pelt. Solving logistic issues is in his nature: he and his team know exactly how to collectively and successfully tackle logistical challenges.

Once upon a time…

Ronald dreamt of starting a company that supports (inter)national traders to deliver new and used containers. 

"To see the company grow so successfully in a short period of time gives me satisfaction and a thrill. It is my mission to make VP Containers a well-known, international player within 3 years. We see a lot of growth potential in our market and are convinced that we can help customers worldwide to great satisfaction. This will also allow them to optimize their services and help customers faster and better. That completes the circle for us." - Ronald van Pelt

Your wish is our command

A deal is a deal. That’s a very important core value for Ronald. And this is why his team ensures that agreements are kept at all times. In addition to that, the VP Containers team thinks along with you, honours your wishes, works transparently and responds to your every need. 

"The market is constantly changing, which requires a creative approach. That is why we are constantly responding to the needs of our customers and the supply in the market. Where many other companies stop, we dare to go further. Nothing is too much for us. We take care of it for you!" - Ronald van Pelt

Service from origin to destination: worldwide delivery of containers

Thanks to international partnerships, VP Containers facilitates worldwide delivery of new and used containers to any desired location. The VP Containers team is available 24/7 to help you out with anything you need. Interested to receive a quotation? We will send it to you on the same day of your request. 

"From container procurement to -sale: we support our customers the whole way. A container travels an entire route. Before the containers arrive at their final destination and handling takes place, a lot of things have to be arranged. It gives us satisfaction to conclude the deal positively, resulting only in satisfied parties." - Ronald van Pelt